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Open Week - Q&A sabdfl-lel

Talán mindenki tudja, hogy ezen a héten nyílt hét van Ubuntuéknál, ahol be lehet kotnyeleskedni a fejlesztésbe, beszélgetni illetékeselvtársakkal, satöbbi. Ma az egyik illetékeselvtárs sabdfl volt, tőle kérdeztem ilyeneket, hogy:

(17:02:42) jcastro: Question: Why is i18n a secondary (or worse) priority project? Will this situation radically change in a short time, for example before Jaunty? We translators got only promises before intrepid, before hardy, but the LP translations database is still slow, undermaintaned and i18n problems in packages are largely ignored - this sucks a lot more than it should.

A válaszai:

(17:03:07) sabdfl: yes, it does
(17:03:20) sabdfl: i've personally spent a few weeks / months of my life working on LP translations
(17:03:39) sabdfl: it's important to me that we do well, and there are still lots and lots of areas we can improve
(17:03:50) sabdfl: i know that team works hard, and i think they are making steady progress now
(17:03:57) sabdfl: it's very challenging - HUGE data sets
(17:04:20) sabdfl: i didn't help them by designing it in a complex way to try and make LP work for both distros and upstreams
(17:04:36) sabdfl: but i think they are getting over the hump
(17:04:39) sabdfl: so hope it will improve
(17:04:53) sabdfl: it's crazy to me that we still don't have an efficient bi-directional flow of translations with upstream
(17:04:58) sabdfl: until i sit and look at the challenges
(17:05:05) sabdfl: at which point i realise - it's very difficult :-)
(17:05:15) sabdfl: next?
Erről az a blogbejegyzés jutott eszembe, amely egy magyar politikus nagy formátumú beszédéről tudósít egy olyan témában, amihez neki semmi köze sincs.

Aztán meg:

(17:38:22) jcastro: QUESTION: What's Your opinion about the overcrowded bug tracker? Seems that users are generating reports faster than developers could resolve them, see: http://keithcu.com/wordpress/?p=24 and currently, there are almost five times this much open bugs. This causes them to ignore most of the bugs (or just mines? :)) What can be the solution?

(17:39:27) sabdfl: interesting
(17:40:01) sabdfl: we definitely need to figure out how to scale our bug processes
(17:40:14) sabdfl: it's a huge privilege to have so many users
(17:40:24) sabdfl: and a great privilege that many of them will take the time and effort to report bugs
(17:40:39) sabdfl: we can't hire twice as many developers when we get twice as many users, though
(17:41:00) sabdfl: we need to figure out how to involve the community to help triage and isolate the bug cases
(17:41:10) sabdfl: and how to share the load across the whole ecosystem
(17:41:19) sabdfl: some people think "ubuntu shoudl fix every bug that's reported in ubuntu"
(17:41:30) sabdfl: well, we certainly feel some responsibility for every bug
(17:41:47) sabdfl: but we also know that many of the bugs reported in ubuntu also exist in every other distro and upstream
(17:42:01) sabdfl: so we need to get efficient about making sure that the bugs are reported accurately upstream
(17:42:26) sabdfl: we build some plugins for bugzilla and trac under the GPL that make it easier to coordinate the response to those bugs betwen the distro and upstream
(17:42:46) sabdfl: so if you work upstream on a project that uses bugzilla and/or trac, please consider installing those!
(17:43:02) sabdfl: https://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/BugzillaPlugin
(17:43:29) sabdfl: not sure where the Trac one went :-)
(17:43:35) sabdfl: next?
Sajna túl hosszú lett a kérdésem, úgyhogy a moderátor lecsípte a kérdésem végét:

Is it possible that Linux Hater is right in this entry about the uselessness of open (for all users) bugtrackers: http://linuxhaters.blogspot.com/2008/08/one-bug-report-to-rule-them-all.html

Kár volt belemenni :(. Érdekelt volna, hogy mit szól a zisten a linuxgyűlölő ember megalapozott véleményéhez :).

Ami kimaradt, az első kérdésre adott válaszra a viszontkérdés:

(17:27:27) kelemengabor: QUESTION: Re: i18n. Seems You did'nt got it, my question was not just about the translation infrastructure, it's rather ok. The problem is the database, and the state of the sources. The database import is especially slow before releases (at other times it's ok) - we have been told this is because the servers have to run other tasks too... WTF??? The DB is also full with obsolete cruft, which indicates nobody cares about it. Our i18n bug reports are ignored, developers don't commit even the trivial patches, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TranslatingUbuntu/IntrepidTranslationIssues. Oh, and new shiny Ubuntu software (usb-creator) are coming out _without_ i18n support. How is this possible?

Erre nem kaptam választ, noha

(17:47:34) kelemengabor: jcastro_: do you think my re:i18n question wasn't good enough? Should I have been less specific perhaps? :)
(17:48:11) jcastro_: kelemengabor: I thought it was fine

Aranyos, nem :)?

A teljes log majd itt lesz, akit érdekel, megnézheti mit válaszolt a zisten az érdekesebb kérdésekre és az olyanokra is, mint péel:

(17:01:38) jcastro: QUESTION: What in your opinion is the biggest challenge to acceptance of the Ubuntu desktop?

(17:23:31) jcastro: question: What is your favorite Music Artist / Band? Have you had any thoughts of incorporating a Pandora Music Player, from the Music Genome Project, into the Desktop?

(17:52:32) jcastro: QUESTION: Will we have a new theme for jaunty?

Igen, ezekre is válaszolt.

/me pedig elgondolkozik, hogy jó helyen van-e :(

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